Wednesday, 13 September 2006

The simplicity of not going wireless

Mike, the Semi-Nomadic Engineer proclaims the virtues of his laptop:

I love working remotely, whether for work, blogging or preparing a talk, nothing beats sitting at a coffee shop sipping a freshly made coffee. With wireless technology I can do pretty much everything I would in the office or at home while I'm out and about.

I completely get it. If I had a laptop with wireless I probably would write the same thing as Mike did. But I don't, and didn't. If I could go wireless, I think I would become too reclusive, or anti-social. I would either be out in public and ignoring everyone because I couldn't leave my work behind, or I would be at home and find little excuse to actually come in to school some days.

This is nothing against Graham, but If I had a laptop, I don't know if I'd want it to be wireless, or even have online capabilities. All I would need would be word processing. I've started daydreaming about it, even looking online for refurbished laptops for under $300. It's tempting to get a brand new laptop, but I don't know if I want all the abilities at my fingertips all of the time. Just let me stick to writing sometimes on a machine that won't distract me with a bunch of little extras, like surfing the net. If I want to blog or email, I can write it ahead of time, then find a public terminal to shoot it into cyberspace. They still have public terminals, right?

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